Facilities: - The State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are WHO GMP certified where all products are manufactured under strict quality control and GMP conditions. The plant is maintained in clean & hygienic state with every area having stipulated access controls and contamination safeguards. Quality control department is fully equipped with sophisticated instruments such as H.P.L.C / IR & UV spectrophotometers etc.


  • Quality Assurance and Control: - The full-fledged quality control department and expert, technically qualified scientists ensure that strict quality control is maintained and medicines are produced meticulously, which guarantees excellent quality and effectiveness. A separate quality assurance department has been set up to constantly supervise each & every production stage and to ensure c GMP compliance as well as in-house standard operating procedures. The quality control department has been equipped with all latest instruments like H.P.L.C, Gas Chromatography, Spectrophotometer, Humidity Chambers etc., for complete in-house quality control. All reference standards are provided from the respective pharmacopial conventions like USP, BP, and IP etc., to ensure strict compliance during analysis. Calibration and Validation of all instruments are carried out at regular intervals to ensure re-productivity of the results obtained.


  • Storage: - Every new material as well as finished product is stored under controlled temperature conditions as required and stipulated for the product. Special air-conditioned ware houses have been created for the same. Cold storage rooms are also provided for products requiring low temperature storage conditions. Computerized inventory management ensures precise and updated information at any point of time.


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